Are TakeLessons teachers safe?

Your safety is important to us. That's why we make it easy to book lessons with teachers who have the Background Checked badge on their profile.



At TakeLessons, we offer background checks to every teacher on our platform, but not all teachers opt to receive a background check.  For this reason, we've made it easy for you to identify teachers who have passed through an extensive background check process. All teachers who have passed a background check within the last year have a Background Checked badge displayed on their listing in search results in addition to their profile.  



A background check includes:

SSN Trace

A social security number trace results in a 7-10 year history of past and present addresses connected with that unique identifier. The SSN verification report also lists the names associated with those addresses, thereby ensuring that the background check has access to a full set of AKAs ("also known as") including aliases, maiden names, nicknames and names misspelled or variously transliterated across languages.

National Criminal Record Search

Search of State, County and Federal Corrections criminal record databases, including misdemeanor and felony records. When we find a criminal conviction, we run the criminal record check in the county identified.

County/State Criminal Record Search

Perform direct searches of state and/or county court records for both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Criminal Record Search Details include the current status and/or final outcome, depending on state-specific legislation. All results are FCRA-compliant, ensuring details are legally reportable.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Sex Offender search covers all 50 states and is intended to reveal information regarding sexual crimes, including the severity of the offenses, personal defendant identifiers and arrest dates. 



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