How do I pay for lessons on the "Schedule As You Go" plan?

Purchase lessons as needed

After you purchase your initial package of lessons, you can easily purchase additional lessons through your online student account whenever you need more lessons. There is no monthly bill. 

Note: Since you are not on a recurring schedule and don't have a monthly bill, it is important to realize that the price of lessons can change over time if you teacher chooses to adjust their prices.  Every teacher sets their own lesson prices, so if your teacher is having a deal we recommend stocking up on lessons! 

How to Purchase Additional Lessons

STEP 1: Log in to your online student account and head to your Dashboard. Next to your teacher's info select the type of lessons you'd like to buy and click Purchase to start the check out process.


STEP 2: Build your package by selecting the number of lessons and the length of lessons you wish to purchase, click Continue.


STEP 3: Enter in your payment information, click Confirm.

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