How do I politely turn down a request from a potential student?

Be direct and polite with your response

When it comes to turning down a potential student's request, you'll want to be as polite as possible while getting your point across. Here are some helpful examples you can use to turn down a potential student's request.

The student asked: Can you send me your phone number so we can talk on the phone before I book lessons?

Best reply: Actually, I handle all requests through this direct messaging tool until students are officially on my roster. You'll receive all my contact info once you book lessons and we can chat then. Is there something else I can answer for you? 

The student asked: Can we start lessons tomorrow? I'm trying to schedule it but the site says you're not available.

Best reply: The site says I'm not available tomorrow because TakeLessons has a buffer to give teachers time to prepare for lessons. Once you book lessons, I can actually schedule your lessons to start right away even though it says I'm not free until next week.

The student asked: Can you teach my piano lessons in German? I'm not a native English speaker.

Best reply: I would love to teach your piano lessons but I don't speak German. If you're ok with lessons taught solely in English, I'm the teacher for you. If not, I recommend searching for another teacher through TakeLessons. 



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