How do I respond to a question from a student?

Simply reply to the email in your inbox

When a potential student sends you a question through your profile, you’ll receive their question through your email inbox (not your TakeLessons account). That makes responding to students super easy, since all you need to do is reply directly to the email. All contact info for you and the student will remain hidden throughout your communication, so even though you’re responding through your email, your info will remain secure.

Responding to students

Questions you receive from potential students usually indicate that they are close to booking lessons with you, so we recommend responding as soon as you can. If you don’t respond to the question within 72 hours, we’ll get in touch with the student to provide assistance and temporarily turn your profile off until you let us know you’re ready for new students again.

Remember, it’s in your best interest to get connected with the right students, so if the student’s question is a stretch, it’s ok to reply, “It sounds like I might not be the right teacher for you.” Turning down students before they book lessons will not hurt your search ranking. If you get a message that is SPAM or seems suspicious, be sure to report the message to us so we can block messages like that from getting to you. We've got your back!

Messages sent between you and your potential student should never include:

  • Personal contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Links to other websites
  • Offensive content of any kind

Keep in mind, students who ask you questions are usually the ones who book lessons! That means the quality and speed of your answer can be a determining factor in whether or not they book lessons with you. So, do your best to leave the student with a great impression. Students use questions to get to know you and learn more about what lessons will be like, so do your best to make a great first impression!



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