How are language teachers displayed to new students?

Effective September 29, 2016, students interested in taking lessons will only be shown language instructors who teach online lessons. This means students are no longer offered the ability to book in-home or in-studio language lessons. 



1) Why are you making this change? This year we have seen an unprecedented demand for online lessons. When given the choice between local and online lessons, 9 out of 10 students who visit TakeLessons prefer to book with an online language instructor. By focusing our efforts on students who prefer online lessons, we will open up a global opportunity for instructors on our platform. We are dedicated to helping you grow your business, and we are confident that this change will help our teachers connect with more students on TakeLessons.  

2) Can my existing local students continue to work with me? Yes! Your existing students can still continue to work with you and purchase additional lessons even after this change.  All tools for scheduling lessons with your existing local language students will remain in your account. 

3) Does this affect other subjects besides language? No. This change only affects language subjects.

4) Why do I still see my address information? Your address information will still be retained in your account. Since this change only affects language teachers and you may teach (or choose to teach) additional subjects in the future we kept your address information in your account.

5) Will students still be able to sign up with me for in-home or in-studio lessons through my private BookWithMe page? Yes! Your private BookWithMe pages will not affected by this change.

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