How do I join my class or lesson from an iPhone or iPad?

Join your class or lesson anywhere with the TakeLessons iOS app for students!

1. Make sure your device is compatible

  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad Air or newer, (Which iPad do I have?)
  • iOS 11 or later, with all the newest updates installed. 

2. Download and install the app


3. If necessary, grant permission to use the microphone & camera

  • Older Apple devices will need to grant specific permission for the TakeLessons student app to access the microphone and camera on your device.
  • Follow the setup steps. Remember, you can always disable your camera or mute your microphone during any class or lesson.


4. Tap "Join"

  • If you have notifications enabled, you will receive a notification when your lesson is about to begin. Tap this notification to be directed to your class. 


  • Alternatively, you can tap the Join Now button from the Schedule tab to enter the classroom up to 30-minutes prior to the scheduled start time. 


  • Confirm your name and location on the next page and tap Join Class


  • If your teacher hasn't arrived yet, you'll see a "waiting" screen.


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