What is TakeLessons Promotions?

TakeLessons Promotions is a feature that helps teachers gain more exposure and popularity by discounting lesson prices for new students. When you turn on TakeLessons Promotions in your profile, you allow TakeLessons to include your profile in limited-time promotional sales, which are targeted to help you book more new students.


At TakeLessons, our main goal is to help new students connect with skilled, expert teachers like you-- and our data shows that promotional pricing can be very effective at giving potential students the final nudge to take the leap and start learning.

When we researched and tested this feature, we uncovered that new students were 47% more likely to purchase their first lesson package when they are shown a promotional discount. To us, the message was clear: promotional discounts help you book more students. So, we developed the TakeLessons Promotions feature that gives you the option to include your profile in promotional sales designed to increase your business.

How it Works



  1. Turn on TakeLessons Promotions in your Partner account. There is no upfront fee or cost to join.
  2. At different times throughout the month and year, TakeLessons will feature select participating instructors in promotions such as email offers, search results, and more.
  3. Students purchasing through those flows will pay the promotional rate. 
  4. When it's time for a promotional student to renew their lessons, they'll pay your usual (higher) lesson price. That means you'll see a big boost in your earnings once you teach a promotional student's first full price lesson (click here to review how earnings work).
  5. You can turn the Promotions feature off at any time through your account.
What kinds of promotions will TakeLessons offer?
Our team works to maximize the total amount you earn. That means we will run a variety of discounts and offers throughout the year to continually encourage more students to book lessons.

Some promotions we may run include (but aren't limited to):

  • A flat discount (e.g. "$25 off your first pack of lessons")
  • Percentage savings (e.g. “30% off a pack of five lessons”)
  • Free lesson (e.g. “First lesson free with the purchase of five lessons”)

In all cases, the amount discounted will never be more than 40% off your lesson price. Please note, the promotional discount may represent a discount exceeding 40% depending on the applicable list price. If the sale price represents a discount greater than 40%, TakeLessons will be responsible for the additional discount and will pay for the additional discount out of our fees (ie you won't earn less if we end up discounting more than 40% of your lesson price). In connection with TakeLessons Promotions program, certain instructors list price may appear as different than the price you selected.



Where can I find more information?
To learn more, and see a breakdown of the example promotion, check out the FAQs section of the Promotions tab in your Partner account. For additional questions, our Teacher Support team is available Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time, at 619.560.5693.