How do I direct my students to book with TakeLessons?

How do I direct my students to book with TakeLessons?

Not every student who sends you a message via the Ask a Question tool will follow through with buying lessons, but if you give them some guidance on an easy way to pay, the odds will be in your favor! If a student who is messaging you seems ready to book, feel free to encourage them to book! Remember, the quicker the student purchases, the quicker the lessons will start, and the quicker you will get paid!

“Click the green button below my message”

To direct the potential student to booking, reply to them directly through your email and let them know to click the green Get Started button below your message. That will take them to the booking process.


“Book lessons on my profile”

You can send the student a link to your public TakeLessons profile! This will provide them with an easy way to purchase lessons. Learn how to get your public profile link here.

“Call the TakeLessons team”

While providing your personal contact information via the Ask A Question feature is prohibited, you can send the potential new student our phone number. They can call us and speak with a new student counselor who will help them with the booking process. The best phone number to give a potential new student is 877-231-8505 option 1.

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