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Welcome to TakeLessons Ask a Question Feature

With the Ask a Question feature, you can message back and forth with students who are interested in booking lessons with you. This essential tool allows potential students to send you questions through your profile prior to making a purchase.

Students will send you a message through the link on your profile.


We will forward these messages through our secure server to the email inbox associated with your TakeLessons profile.

Reply to the email sent to your inbox

All questions from potential students will be sent as emails, to the email address associated with your TakeLessons Partner account.

  • Log in to the email account associated with your TakeLessons Partner account (No need to log in to your TakeLessons account)
  • Open the email titled “A potential student just asked you a question!


  • Type out your personalized reply and press send.


  • Your reply will be sent to the potential student’s email address, through our encrypted server. All contact info for you and the student will remain hidden throughout your communication, so even though you’re responding through your email, your info will remain secure.

Remove your signature before you send

If your email software automatically adds a signature to your emails, we recommend removing it from your replies to students. Most email signatures include personal contact information, which may cause your message to be flagged and not delivered, or only partially delivered.To prevent a not-so-pleasant experience for your student, make sure your reply doesn’t include a phone number, email address, or website URL.


 Missing an Inquiry? Check your Spam folder.

  • Received a notification that you have a new question but can’t find it? Occasionally messages from us may be filtered out by your email provider. Check your spam folder.



 Pro Tips!

 Respond within 3 hours.

  • That's when students are most likely to book lessons, so the sooner you reply, the better. The quality and speed of your answer can determine whether or not they book lessons with you.
  • If you don’t respond to the question within 72 hours, we’ll assume that you aren’t currently available for students, and will automatically set your Profile Visibility to “Off.”. (See: How do I turn my profile visibility on or off?) We will then follow up with the student whose question you missed, to make sure they get the help they need.

Don’t feel this student is the best fit for you?

  • It’s ok to reply, “It sounds like I might not be the right teacher for you.” Turning down students before they book lessons will not hurt your search ranking.

Concerned that this message is Spam, or not from a real potential student?

  • If you get a message that is SPAM, inappropriate or seems suspicious, be sure to report the message to us so we can block messages like that from getting to you.

Turn on the charm

  • Reply with an honest, upbeat answer that shows students you can help them achieve their goals. Students use questions to get to know you and learn more about what lessons will be like, so do your best to make a great first impression!


Download the iOS Teacher Partner App



  • Can’t find the app on your iPad?  Adjust your App Store filters to include apps built for iPhone when searching for “TakeLessons”.
  •  Once downloaded, you will be able to access all of your inquiries from the Messages tab on your Partner App.


Stay Safe!   

Keep in mind that you are communicating with a student that has not yet purchased lessons. For your safety, messages sent between you and your potential students are monitored for potential policy misinterpretations. Here is a quick overview of our expectations.

Don’t send attachments

For security reasons, we do not allow students/teachers to send attachments through this tool because attachments are more prone to contain computer viruses.

If you sent a message with an attachment, please note that the message went through but the attachment did not.

Don’t share links

At TakeLessons it is our policy that website links are not shared until the student has signed up for lessons with you through TakeLessons. Please answer all questions as best you can but refrain from including links to websites in your reply.  

If a student asks how to sign up for lessons simply tell them to "click the green button" in the email and/or on your profile to sign up for lessons. It's that easy!

Website links in your reply will cause your message to be flagged and not delivered, or only partially delivered, creating a not-so-pleasant experience for the student. The student would then search for another teacher.  

Keep your Address private

We know this is a common question as students are trying to get a better sense of how close (or far) a teacher is from them, and if driving to you for lessons is manageable.  

However, for your safety, we recommend not giving out your full address to a student until they have signed up and purchased lessons with you. This ensures you don't have a weird stranger showing up at your door.  

Instead, we recommend you give the student nearby cross streets or reference a well-known landmark that can give the inquiring student an idea of where you are located.

Don't Give out Personal Contact Information

Contact information (phone #, email address, website) should not be shared until the student has signed up for lessons with you through our website. Once they sign up you will be given the student's contact information.

If a student requests to talk to you on the phone and/or meet in person prior to booking lessons we recommend this response, "We are unable to exchange contact information prior to signing up for lessons. But once you sign up, you will get my contact information and we can set up an introductory call before the first lesson. Of course, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about my teaching or scheduling in order to help you make a decision. What can I answer for you?"

Policy Violations will affect your profile visibility

In the event that one of your replies is flagged for review due to a policy violation, your profile will be removed from our searches until we are able to clear up the confusion. The reason for our policies is to ensure students/teachers are not making arrangements to sign up for lessons off of our website. Unfortunately, in the past, we had a few not-so-honest teachers try to steal students and not pay us for our work. I know, it’s a terrible thing. So, we put systems in place to create a safe, fair environment for everyone.

As a reminder, the only way that TakeLessons works is through a true win/win partnership with our Teachers. Just as you have many expenses to run your business, so do we. And the way we pay for it is through a revenue share with you. If a Partner attempts to bypass the system and book directly with a student, it cuts out our ability to earn an income and to market for all teachers.

Instructors who attempt to bypass the system and book students directly by sharing contact information or websites may permanently be removed from the site.


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