Why is my message failing to go through?

Check your message for anything that our automated filters may flag as inappropriate or spam

Our filter will strip out any URLs, phone numbers, or special characters that look like you’re trying to get around the system. Make sure to remove any ellipses, special characters, words that our filter may find profane

If we are unable to send your message because it is blocked by our filter we will send you an email


The portion of your message that was flagged will be in bold and italics.


You will need to correct this portion of your email and resend your message.


In the iOS Partner App

If our system notices spam in your reply through our iOS Partner App you will receive a pop-up notification to let you know which portion of your reply needs review.


Remove your signature before you send

 If your email software automatically adds a signature to your emails, we recommend removing it from your replies to students. Most email signatures include personal contact information, which may cause your message to be flagged and not delivered, or only partially delivered.To prevent a not-so-pleasant experience for your student, make sure your reply doesn’t include a phone number, email address, or website URL.


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