How do I reschedule all future lessons?

Edit all future lessons for your student

If your client is on a Recurring Schedule, you can make an adjustment to all future lessons with a few clicks.

Example: Switching a Recurring Schedule from 3PM to 3:30PM for all lessons moving forward


STEP 1 Click on your student's lesson from your calendar.  Click the lesson on the date you want your change to start taking effect. 

Example: You want to make a change to the schedule starting on (and including the lesson on) August 12th.

STEP 2 Click the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the Lesson Details window and select Edit.


STEP 3 Make your changes to the lesson. If the lesson you're editing is not on a Recurring Schedule, the default Lesson Repeat will be set to Does not repeat. However, if you'd like to make this change into a Recurring Schedule, use the Lesson Repeat drop down menu to select Repeats every week, every 2 weeks, and so on.

Select the frequency of your lessons.


STEP 4 Adding repetition to your lessons will create a Recurring Schedule (which also puts your student on Monthly Reserve billing). Click Save Changes.


If you're editing an existing Recurring Schedule, click to save your changes for This and all following lessons.


Once you've made these changes, all lessons in this series on your calendar will be updated and your student will be notified via email and account notification.


Note: If your student does not have a Recurring Schedule and you have added individual lesson events to the calendar, those lessons will not be rescheduled by adding a Recurring Schedule. Creating a new lesson series (Recurring Schedule) will not move existing unique lessons you've added to the calendar.  

Example: If you create a Recurring Schedule for Sara that meets every Tuesday at 3PM but you had previously scheduled a one-off lesson on Wednesday at 4PM, that Wednesday lesson will not move.