How do I add a single lesson to the schedule?

Click + Add Lesson on your Calendar

Step 1: Go to your Calendar page and click the + Add Lesson button.

Step 2: Enter all the details of your student's lesson. Be sure to enter the correct lesson duration, price and location.  (If you need to refer back to your student's other lessons to get this right, please do so). Select SAVE and if you've entered all of the student's lesson details correctly, the status of the lesson should reflect as Paid.


Note: If the lesson details you add do not match the credits from your student's original purchase, the status of the lesson will reflect as Unpaid. This means that your student will need to pay for this additional lesson through their TakeLessons account at least 24 hours prior to the lesson date. 

If the status of the lesson still says Unpaid within 24 hours of the event, we'll cancel the lesson. This is to help ensure that you are only teaching lessons that have been prepaid for. We recommend following up with your student to remind them about payment if it's getting down to the wire. Your other option is to reschedule or cancel the lesson.