What is a lesson comment?

A quick note about your student's lesson

Lesson comments are notes associated with specific lessons. Lesson comments are very flexible, meaning you can use them for a lot of different communication. For example:

  • Letting students know how they are doing or offer words of encouragement after a lesson
  • Providing a student with instructions on what to work on in between lessons
  • Recording details about what you covered at the lesson
  • Coordinating scheduling changes, such as suggesting a date/time for rescheduling or providing detail about a cancellation

All comments trigger an alert to your student, both via email and in their student account. This means your students stay in the loop and you have a record of the communication in your account. 

How to write a comment

Click the lesson on your calendar that you'd like to comment on.  In the comment field, add your comment (click +Add when you're done).  Your student will be notified that they have a new comment to review and it will appear on their calendar, too. 

Your student will see your comment on their calendar and receive an email with your comment