What is my Partner Score?

Make your profile shine like Gold

Your Partner Score tells you how appealing your profile is to potential new students. Depending on how complete your profile is and the number of reviews you have on your profile, your Partner Score level may range anywhere from Bronze, Silver, to Gold. 

Partners who reach the Gold Profile level receive the most students because their profiles are most appealing

Want to reach Gold faster? Rack up points by adding more details to your profile. Start with big scorers like completing a background check, getting your first 5 star review, and adding your first video!

You can also earn points by improving your skills through the TakeLessons Training Academy! Complete courses to earn extra points to boost your Partner Score.

How to improve your Partner Score

STEP 1 Complete every section of your profile, including photos, videos, subject details, professional affiliations, languages, educational details, and more.  Click the Add button next to the suggested improvements displayed on your Dashboard and Profile page.

STEP 2 Get reviews and a background check! The more reviews you have on your profile, the more students will want to book lessons with you!  Every review you receive will significantly improve your Partner Score, and you'll reach Gold in no time! 

Background checks are optional for partners who don't teach kids, but a background check will drastically improve your Partner Score since everyone wants a safe teacher.