How do I add or edit Subject Details on my profile?

Add unique details for every subject you teach

STEP 1 Log in to your TakeLessons account and go to the Profile page.  Then navigate to the Subjects tab to see what Subjects you've indicated that you teach.

Click on the +Add button to add a new subject.


Click the pencil icon next to any of your subjects to View or Edit the information.  


STEP 2 Under the Profile Info tab, you can update or add specific information about each subject you teach. This information will appear at the top of your profile when a student searches for that subject and views your profile.

Not sure what to write? Click here for templates


Your comfort levels can be selected from the drop-down box for each level. These range from not comfortable to very comfortable. If you have selected not comfortable, this level will not be displayed on your public profile. 


Next, you will want to enter any details specific to the subject selected


Optionally, you can add Subject Specialties. These will not be displayed on your public profile but will help route students to your page when they are searching for a specific specialty. (ie. if a student does a google search for "Left-handed guitar teachers" in their area)


STEP 3 Under the Locations and Pricing tab, you can select which locations that you would like to teach each subject, your durations offered, and set your rates.


If you are adding a new subject, the final step is to enable the subject to be listed on your profile


Personalize subject details - for Guitar, Singing, ASL, Violin, Piano, Chess, and more.

For some subjects, you will see additional personalization options that will help students find their best teacher match. In the future, we plan to expand these options to more subjects. 


Personalization 1 Click on the genres that you would like to highlight within your subject


You will have 12 points to distribute amongst the genres. Allocating more points to a specific genre will prioritize this over the other options selected. This allows you to highlight which genres you are most comfortable with.

Note: You will not need to allocate points to all genres, so long as "0" is selected you will still be listed in searches for that genre


Personalization 2 Select the scenarios that apply to your guitar or singing subject


Personalization 3 Click on the techniques that you are comfortable teaching.

(Note: you are still able to add specialties in addition to these techniques)


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