How much do I earn per lesson?

The more you teach, the more you earn

Your earnings are calculated based on how many lessons you've taught your student. In short, you'll earn more money for keeping students happy and coming back for more lessons. The more lessons you teach a student, the more you'll earn from their total lesson price (up to 90%). Since you set your lesson rates, you are always in control of how much you earn.

For every new student you begin teaching, you'll receive a 10% rate increase for every 5 lessons you teach, starting at 60% of that student’s lesson price. After your student's 15th lesson, you'll continually earn 90% of their lesson price.

This rewards awesome teachers who inspire their students to keep learning! 

How it works

For every 5 lessons you teach a new student, you'll earn 10% more of the lesson price. Once you mark attendance for the student's 15th lesson, you'll never earn less than 90% of the lesson price for that student.


Pretty cool, right?

With this earnings structure, you'll earn more the longer your students take lessons. Your earnings are calculated on a per student basis, so you can reach 90% for every new student we send you.

Teachers everywhere agree that the longer you keep a student, the more you should earn, and that makes a lot of sense.  Why? Because the longer a student takes lessons with you, the more work you're doing to keep them happy--and it's at that point that our service fee should be reduced. Happy pay days await!


Note: This only applies to new students received after January 1st, 2015.

Watch this video to learn more