Am I guaranteed to get new students?

That depends on you and the market

Every teacher’s experience on our site is different - some teachers receive new students right away and other teachers have waited several months to receive their first student. Why? This variance can be influenced by two main factors: (1) the demand for local and online lessons in your subjects and (2) how awesome your profile is.

Students pick their teachers based on many different attributes including travel distance, availability, student reviews, studio preferences, level and style of teaching, profile photo, personality, etc.  Those profile attributes are entirely in your control, so if you're looking to appeal to more students, make sure your profile and availability shows students you are just what they're looking for. If there's low demand for your subjects locally, you may also try to reach more students by listing yourself as available to teach online lessons (via video chat) as well.

There are other things you can do to improve your chances, too, such as asking former students to leave positive reviews on your profile and getting a background checkClick here for more tips on attracting students.

While new students are checking out your profile, you can also use the tools on your account to manage any current (private) students you're teaching. Click here for more info.

*Please note: We do not call before placing a new student with you! Students are booked based on a teacher's availability, so if you have it listed, and your profile is live on the site, we'll assume you are available to teach!