How do I get the Background Checked badge on my profile?

Request a background check through your account

If you skipped the background check step while building your profile, you can always request a new background check through the Profile page in your TakeLessons account online (see below).

If you've never had a background check run through TakeLessons... 

Click the Get a Background Check button to get started. You'll be directed to the page where you can complete your consent form and submit payment.

If your background check has expired (yearly)...


To submit your request for a background check, you'll need to submit the background consent form, as required by SterlingBackcheck. The whole process should take just a few minutes and once your background check has passed (within 72 hours), the Background Checked badge will appear on your profile and search listing.

NOTE: Only teachers who pass their background check will receive the Background Checked badge on their profile.

Once you pass your background check, the Profile page in your account will look like this:


How much does a background check cost?