How and when do students pay for lessons?

Students pay online in advance, monthly or as needed 

All students provided to you by TakeLessons pay for lessons in advance. Payment is collected during the booking process and/or through subsequent payments based on the student’s schedule and billing plan. TakeLessons handles payment for all TakeLessons students (clients provided to you through your profile on

Your students have 2 simple payment options available depending on the type of lesson schedule they have arranged with you. These options are (1) Recurring Schedule with Monthly Reserve billing and (2) Schedule As You Go (no automatic billing). 


What happens when I raise my prices?

Any lessons you add to the calendar outside your student's Recurring Schedule (and all unpaid Schedule As You Go lessons) will use your current marketplace pricing.  That means, if your Schedule As You Go student uses up all their paid lessons and then you raise your prices, your student will need to purchase more lessons at the higher rate. To make sure your students stay happy as they continue purchasing lessons, please make sure there are no surprises when it comes to how much your students are paying. If you raise your prices, we recommend letting your students know ahead of time.


What should I do if a lesson is showing up as 'Unpaid' but it's almost time to teach the lesson?

If a lesson for a TakeLessons student is showing up on your calendar as Unpaid and it's almost time for the lesson, we recommend cancelling the lesson.

You are not guaranteed payment for lessons that are unpaid, so if you a teach a lesson that your student didn't pay for, you won't receive payment until your student purchases the lesson.


What about private students (non-TakeLessons)?

Your existing private students that you invite to use the TakeLessons platform are not required to pay for lessons using our services. Any private students you have invited to the TakeLessons platform (ie. were not provided to you by TakeLessons) are welcome to pay for lessons using our easy Auto Pay program and pricing, but they are by no means required to do so. Unless you have specifically requested that TakeLessons takeover billing managements for your private students, you should still collect payment from those students directly.



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