What happens to my student's billing plan when I add a Recurring Schedule?

Adding a Recurring Schedule (repeating lessons) for your student automatically opts them into a monthly bill.

By creating a Recurring Schedule for your student, you are effectively reserving their time slot with you from month to month. Your student will receive a monthly bill for all lessons scheduled within the upcoming month. Students can change their bill date and number of lessons they are set to be billed for at any time through their TakeLessons account.

To ensure your students have a great experience with scheduling and paying for lessons, please be sure to review what a Monthly Recurring Schedule means with your students.  

How to create a Recurring Schedule 

Click on a lesson from your calendar or add a new lesson to edit your student's lesson schedule. Enter your lesson details and select the repeating schedule (every week, every 2 weeks, etc).

NOTE: Students on the Schedule As You Go plan still pay for lessons in advance, but we will not automatically bill. Since they may not have a regular lesson schedule they buy more lessons as needed through their TakeLessons account online.



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