How do I reschedule lessons?

Request a reschedule through your calendar

To reschedule a lesson, first open your Schedule page in your TakeLessons account.  To get to your schedule, log in to your TakeLessons account, open your Dashboard, and click the Schedule button from the blue navigation bar. Once you're on your Schedule page, you may click the Request Reschedule button on any upcoming lesson that has not been canceled.  Once you click Request Reschedule, you'll be able to pick your preferred lesson date and time for your reschedule. Be sure to include a comment with your Reschedule Request and submit your request to your teacher.

Once you’ve submitted the request, your teacher will receive notification that you’d like to reschedule the lesson.  It is important to remember that submitting a request does not guarantee that the lesson will be rescheduled. Your teacher must confirm the request before the lesson is moved. 

NOTE: If the start time of your lesson is less than 24 hours away, the gear icon will not be visible, per our policy.

STEP 1 Go to your Schedule page and find the lesson you want to reschedule. Click the gear icon and click Reschedule Event.

STEP 2 Pick a date/time to reschedule and submit request


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