How does my teacher get paid?

Your teacher gets paid automatically every week 

All lesson payments are handled directly through TakeLessons. Students pay for lessons securely through TakeLessons, and we submit payment to teachers once a week for all the lessons they've taught. That means, you never need to worry about paying with cash or check in person at your lesson! Payments are hassle-free and online only.

Help your teacher stay in good standing

Since your teacher gets paid directly through TakeLessons for the lessons they've taught, you shouldn't pay your teacher with cash or checks directly. To make sure your teacher stays in good standing and can receive more students like you, be sure to manage all of your lesson payments online through your TakeLessons account.

Totally cashless, online payments only

Teachers who work with TakeLessons should never ask you to pay them via cash or check directly, as this goes against their contract. If your teacher asks you to do this, please let us know and we'll be happy to clear up the confusion or connect you with a new teacher through TakeLessons. Teachers who ask students to pay for their lessons in person (ie not online through TakeLessons) are subject to be removed from our platform. 

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