How does Ask A Question work?

You can help potential students decide to book lessons with you.


Just answer their questions via email!

The Ask A Question tool allows new potential students to ask any teacher a question before they decide to book lessons. We have found that most students prefer to do in-depth research to help them choose a teacher. Ask A Question is a way for you to safely communicate with potential students, without having to disclose your contact information.

How Ask A Question works

  1. A new potential student clicks Ask A Question on your profile, and types out their question in the form.


2. You’ll receive an email, with the student’s question inside. (All emails are sent to the email address on file with your TakeLessons account.)


3. You reply to the email with the student’s question.


4. The potential student receives an email with your response.

5. You and your student can keep responding to each other for 7-10 days, or until the student books lessons with you, whichever comes sooner.

Using an iPhone?

Manage inquiries with the TakeLessons iOS app for teachers:

  1. When a student sends you a message you can view their inquiry from the Messages center.


2. Inquiries that you have not opened yet will have a green dot.


3. You reply directly to the inquiry from the app


Stay Safe: Follow TakeLessons policies

We’re here to help you find new students, and make sure you get paid for the lessons you teach. Since we manage all purchases and payments for lessons, your conversations should never lead to any offline arrangements with students prior to booking. This also means contact information should never be shared between you and your student before lessons are purchased.

General guidelines:

  • Don’t include your phone number, email address, links, or attachments in your replies or our spam bots will block your message. 
  • Don’t use an email signature that contains contact information or URLs; this could result in your emails not being sent. 
  • If a student asks for your contact info to chat offline about anything (including payment), politely decline. Not sure what to say? Copy/paste: “I handle all inquiries through TakeLessons. Once you sign up, you’ll receive my contact info and we can put together a full lesson plan based on your goals.”
  • Reply to all inquiries within 72 hours to keep your profile available for new students

What happens after you reply

  • You'll get a reply email from your potential student, usually within a day or two.n the best case scenario, the student will book lessons!
  • If your student purchases lessons, you'll get a text message and an email right away.
  • Sometimes, you may not hear back from a student because they are no longer actively looking to purchase lessons.
  • After 5 days (120 hours) of no reply from your student, we'll close the thread for you.

Pro Tips!

Respond within 3 hours.

  • That's when students are most likely to book lessons, so the sooner you reply, the better. The quality and speed of your answer can determine whether or not they book lessons with you.
  • If you don’t respond to the question within 72 hours, we’ll assume that you aren’t currently available for students, and will automatically set your Profile Visibility to “Off.”. (See: How do I turn my profile visibility on or off?) We will then follow up with the student whose question you missed, to make sure they get the help they need.

Don’t feel this student is the best fit for you?

  • It’s ok to reply, “It sounds like I might not be the right teacher for you.” Turning down students before they book lessons will not hurt your search ranking.
  • If you get a message that you don’t feel comfortable answering, be sure to report the message to us so we can block messages like that from getting to you in the future. We’ve got your back!

Stay Safe!   

Keep in mind that you are communicating with a student who has not yet purchased lessons. For your safety, messages sent between you and your potential student should never include:

  • Personal contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Links to other websites
  • Your full address

Turn on the charm

Reply with an honest, upbeat answer that shows students you can help them achieve their goals. Students use questions to get to know you and learn more about what lessons will be like, so do your best to make a great first impression!

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