Help: my profile is paused because I didn't answer a student's question

Confirm your availability and get back in the game

If your profile has been temporarily paused because you missed responding to a potential new student, it’s time to get your profile back in the game!

During the time that your profile is paused, new students are unable to book lessons with you directly through your profile on TakeLessons. In order for new students to be able to book lessons with you again, start with logging into your TakeLessons account on the web.

Instead of your dashboard, you’ll see a message that your profile has been paused due to no response to a new student inquiry. You will be asked whether you’d like to re-enable your profile.


If you are unable to take on new students at this time:

  • Click No Thanks. Your profile will remain unbookable for new students.
  • You can still teach any active students already on your roster, and use all other features in your TakeLessons Partner account.

If you are able to take on new students:

  • Click Yes.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your availability on the next page...


Make any necessary adjustments to your availability directly on the Availability page. Remember: these are the times posted as “Available” for new students to book from your profile.

20170816_Tch_Availability_Confirm.pngOnce you’ve ensured that your profile info is accurate, available for new students, and looking awesome, click Confirm Availability, and your profile will be updated in our search results to allow new students to start booking lessons with you again. Go get ‘em!

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