How does my BookWithMe profile work?

Your BookWithMe profile is your professional teacher website with a credit card machine attached.

  • You refer private students to your BookWithMe profile
  • These students will book and pay for lessons through your BookWithMe profile, and be identified as BookWithMe students in your TakeLessons account
  • Accept the student as you would any TakeLessons student

  • Mark lessons and be paid during our regular weekly payment cycle
  • Same great TakeLessons support for your BookWithMe students 

What's the difference between BookWithMe and my TakeLessons profile?

BookWithMe is your personal booking profile, where you refer students you acquire through your own marketing efforts.

Your TakeLessons profile is where we (TakeLessons) will send students that we acquire through our marketing efforts. 

What does it cost to use BookWithMe?

For students you refer through your BookWithMe profile, the fee is only 7.9% of your lesson price.

For that small fee, your referred students get everything--TakeLessons email support, billing, scheduling, reminders, and account access for all your students.  

How do I activate my BookWithMe profile?

We are working on making BookWithMe profiles available nationwide. If you are interested in using this feature now please fill out this interest form and we will set it up for you: 

Once your BookWithMe profile has been set up, you will receive an email with your personalized URL. This will also be saved to the Profile section of your Teacher account under the BookWithMe tab. 


Do teachers retain full rights to their BookWithMe students?

Yes! These are your personal students, and you can keep them on the TakeLessons platform for as long as you'd like, and take them off whenever you want. 

Will BookWithMe students be included in year-end tax reporting that TakeLessons does?

Yes. All earnings paid to you via the TakeLessons platform will be included in your yearly earnings statement to the IRS. 

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