What does it mean for a lesson to "become unpaid?"

The new price doesn't match what the student paid

At TakeLessons, we require all students to pay for lessons in advance to ensure you always get paid in a timely manner. However, since you have full control of your lesson calendar, you have the freedom to make changes that may interrupt the normal payment process based on scheduling needs with your students.

Making changes to paid lessons that alter the price (such as extending or shortening the lesson duration, changing the location, subject, or price) will cause the lesson to become unpaid. We'll automatically remind your student (via email) to purchase this updated lesson since the lesson they originally purchased doesn't match the new price of the lesson.

Do you have to change the lesson price?

No, that's entirely up to you. While you're editing the lesson, you have the option of keeping the price what it was before you make changes. In other words, you can edit duration, location, and subject without changing the lesson price if that's what works best for you. Simply make sure the price in the text field matches what the previous lesson price before you hit Save.

Since collecting payment can sometimes take a few days, we recommend making all lesson changes as far in advance as possible.  Remember, you can only mark attendance and get paid for lessons that are paid--so if you make a change that causes the price to change (which causes the lesson to become unpaid), that lesson won't be available for you to mark and receive payment until your student purchases the lesson at the new price. So, make lesson changes as early as possible to ensure you can mark attendance and get paid for the lesson in a timely manner.



What should I do if the upcoming lesson is still unpaid?