What are some tips and templates to encourage students to book lessons?


Be prompt, friendly, and professional

When a potential student sends you a question through your profile, you have a golden opportunity to make a great first impression. Students who send you questions through your profile are usually very close to booking lessons with you, so it’s in your best interest to provide a positive experience with your reply.

Remember, you should never share contact info with your student before they purchase lessons.

  • Reply in 3 hours or less if possible
  • Be concise and thoughtful with your response
  • Keep your tone inviting and professional

Of course, don’t forget to remind them to book with you!

Most students will send a message to more than one teacher as they shop for the perfect instructor. Make sure you stand out by sending a friendly follow up message!

Not sure how to encourage the student to book lessons?

Feel free to copy and re-write these replies in your own voice.Be sure to include specific details about the student’s unique question.

TEMPLATE #1: Quick message to a parent

Hey [Parent’s Name],

I know things get hectic this time of year so I wanted to send you a quick email to check back in with you to see if you are still looking for [subject] lessons for your [son or daughter]? If so are there any other questions I can answer for you? I have over [10 years] of experience teaching [subject] lessons to kids of all ages. I’m a patient and effective teacher who loves to make learning fun.

Below is a recent review from one of my students:

[“Exactly what we were looking for!! Awesome person, piano player and teacher!!! We couldn't have found a better teacher!!” -- Shannon, 5 stars]

I’d love to teach your [son or daughter].

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Take Care,

[Your Name]

PRO TIP: If you're messaging directly with a student, be sure to use the student's name instead and tailor your message to fit your conversation.


TEMPLATE #2 - Longer message to a parent

Hi [Parent’s Name],

I wanted to check in and see if you are still looking for [subject] lessons for your [son or daughter]? Are there any other questions I can answer for you? I have over [10 years] of experience teaching  [subject] lessons to students ranging from beginner to advanced. I’m usually available during the week after [time] so let me know what times might work for you and your son!

More about my [subject] expertise:

[I graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson with a BA in Music Education. I started teaching piano about 10 years ago. I teach many different musical styles. I can help students who are interested learning sight reading. I can also teach improvisation using chords with or without a melody line. I encourage older students to bring in music they are interested in learning. The sky's the limit!]

Here is a recent review from one of my students:

[“David has been extremely helpful to me as a beginner. He is very patient and fun to learn from. He taught me everything from note reading to the Circle of Fifths. As a teacher, he encourages me to push through and not to give up. I'm excited to keep learning from him as our journey continues.” - Joseph, 5 stars]

I’d love to teach your [son or daughter].

I look forward to hearing back from you!


[Your Name]


Speedy responses make a difference

Data shows that the faster you respond to student questions, the more likely they are to book lessons with you! In fact, if you wait longer than 24 hours to respond to your potential student, your chances of getting that student drop by 50%.



Have them give us a call!

While providing your personal contact information via the Ask A Question feature is prohibited, you can send the potential new student our phone number. They can call us and speak with a new student counselor who will help them with the booking process. The best phone number to give a potential new student is 877-231-8505 option #1.

Link to your TakeLessons Profile!

You can also send the student a link to your public TakeLessons profile! This will provide them with an easy way to purchase lessons.

Convey excitement to get started

Remember, the person who asked you the question is looking for an answer that will give them the confidence to book lessons with you. At the end of your reply, you may want to add something like, “I would love to work with you! You can book your lessons through my profile whenever you’re ready.”

OR, let them down gently...

If you know you won’t be able to teach the student based their question, it’s in your best interest to let them know quickly and honestly in your reply--and of course, leave it on a positive note! You never know who might turn into a future referral or booking, even if it doesn’t work out right away.


Ignoring a question from a student because you’re worried about turning them down could result in your profile getting temporarily paused (which means new students won’t be able to book with you). So, don’t be afraid to turn a student down by including something polite in your closing like, “It sounds like I might not be the best teacher for you right now, but if there’s something else I can help you with in the future, I’d love to work with you!”

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