How does TakeLessons assure my safety and privacy?

Keeping your info secure is our top priority

We take your account security seriously. Not only do we hide your private information from your public profile, we also keep your contact info and exact location encrypted throughout all pre-booking communication with students.

When it comes to communicating with potential students, our filters work hard to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox. We’re always improving our filters to ensure you only receive legitimate requests from potential students, so if you receive an unwanted or inappropriate message, we ask that you report it to us immediately. We’ve got your back.

A question should be reported to TakeLessons if it contains:

  • Offensive language or requests
  • Unsolicited services, promotions, or links
  • Contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, links, etc.)

To report a suspicious message, click the link we provide in the message.


Or you can click the flag on the inquiry from your message center in our iOS app. 


If it seems suspicious, report it

Keeping your account info safe and secure is very important to us. If someone is trying to get you to work with them outside of the TakeLessons platform or offering you other services, you should decline to conduct any business with them, and we ask that you report it right away.

We all know the internet has lots of scammers who would love to get a hold of your personal information, and that’s something we work very hard to prevent. Use your best judgment when answering questions from students, and if you think a question is suspicious in any way, report it. (See: How do I report messages that are offensive, or seem like spam?)

We’ve got your back and will do everything in our power to block messages like those from getting to you again.

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