How do I use my USB-connected microphone or camera in TakeLessons Classroom?

If you’re on a PC or Mac and using an external webcam or microphone connected through USB, you'll need to make sure to select the right devices in TakeLessons Classroom.

  1. Log in to Classroom, by clicking on the link in your confirmation e-mail, or joining from your student dashboard.
  2. Before you enter the classroom, enable your camera and microphone, and make sure they're both working. (Learn more)
  3. Click the green "All Set" button to enter your classroom.
  4. In the top-right corner of your Chrome search bar, Click on the video-camera icon.  (Don't see the icon?  Click here)
  5. Select your USB-connected microphone and/or camera from the list.
  6. Refresh your browser, so the changes can take effect.
  7. Your USB-connected camera or microphone should be working in TakeLessons Classroom.



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