Trouble on a PC, Mac, laptop, or netbook? Start here!

Instantly find and fix tech issues here:

Most issues in TakeLessons Classroom can be resolved by following these steps:

  1. Use one of our supported devices:
  2. Use a reliable internet connection that’s 3.5 Mbps or faster
  3. Use Google Chrome (PCs, laptops, netbooks)
    • If you're not using Google Chrome, you can download it here.
    • Follow the instructions to install Google Chrome.
    • Leave your classroom in your other browser, and open Google Chrome.
    • Re-join your classroom:
      • Click on the link in your reminder e-mail, OR
      • Log in to your TakeLessons Classroom dashboard and click on the link
  4. Refresh your browser.
    • You’ll be prompted to enable your camera and microphone again:
  5. Enable your camera and microphone in Google Chrome
    • Once you’ve joined your classroom in Google Chrome, click Enable my Camera and Microphone.
    • Test your camera and microphone.
    • In your classroom, click on the camera icon.
    • Make sure the correct devices are selected.
  6. Clear your cache and browsing history
    • After you clear your cache, refresh your browser.

Still having trouble? Contact Student Support.