How do I enable lesson reminders?

Make sure you don't miss a lesson!

You can opt in to receive Lesson Reminders, sent either by email or text. To turn this on, go to the Notifications tab under Account Settings in your student account.


Lesson reminders via email or text are enabled if there is a green checkbox to the left of Scheduling Notifications.

For mobile text notifications, make sure the correct phone number is on file by selecting the dropdown menu next to Send Notifications To.


The length of time before a lesson to receive a reminder email or text message can be adjusted by selecting + add next to Lesson Reminders. Toggle between Email and Text to individually adjust both method of lesson reminders.


Mobile Device Notifications

You will be prompted to enable Push Notifications from your TakeLessons application once logged in. Allowing will provide you with reminders when a lesson or class is starting soon.


You can also manually enable Push Notifications for TakeLessons from your mobile device settings.

To adjust SMS, email, and other notification settings, please use your online student account and complete the steps outlined above. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to access our website.

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