What is the refund policy for my TakeLessons Live membership?

TakeLessons Live memberships are non-refundable, but may be canceled at any time through your TakeLessons account online. In the event that you wish to cancel your TakeLessons Live membership, you may do so by clicking Cancel membership on the Billing page in your TakeLessons account.


Once you have canceled your membership, you will receive a confirmation email, and your membership will expire on your next membership billing date (shown in the TakeLessons Live section of your Billing page.) You may continue taking live online group classes through TakeLessons Live until your expiration date.


A TakeLessons Live membership is separate from any and all scheduling and billing for private lessons. You may cancel your private lessons, but keep your TakeLessons Live membership active. You may also cancel your TakeLessons Live membership, but keep your private lessons active.

Cancelling an upcoming lesson payment or bill will not automatically cancel your recurring payment for TakeLessons Live if you have an active TakeLessons Live membership. TakeLessons Live memberships are auto-pay only and will be processed each month on the bill date indicated in your account. To cancel all future payments to TakeLessons, you must cancel all upcoming lesson payments and your TakeLessons Live membership, if you have an active membership prior to cancelling. You may make these changes to your account status any time, through your TakeLessons account online.