How do I activate TakeLessons Classroom for my students?

If you have been teaching with TakeLessons since before TakeLessons Classroom was launched, you can activate TakeLessons Classroom in one of two ways:

A. Activate TakeLessons Classroom for your future new online students

1. Under Profile, click Locations.

2. For your current online location, click Edit.

3. Click "Yes, use TakeLessons Classroom with new students," and click Save.

This will activate TakeLessons Classroom for all of your future online students:

  • When you accept a new student who is taking online lessons, their lessons will automatically take place in TakeLessons Classroom, rather than any other online platforms you were using to teach.
  • To activate TakeLessons Classroom for any current online students, see option B below.

4. When TakeLessons Classroom has been activated, it will be shown as your "Online" location.


5. Make sure you know your way around TakeLessons Classroom.

After you activate TakeLessons Classroom for all of your future online students, the TakeLessons Classroom course will be "recommended" in your Partner Training Academy.  Complete the course to add 100 points to your Provider Quality Score!


B. Activate TakeLessons Classroom for a current online student

1. In your Roster, click on the student you'd like to teach through TakeLessons Classroom.


2. The TakeLessons Classroom banner will appear below the student's scheduled lessons.  Click "Upgrade to Classroom."

(If you don't see the banner below, your student does not have any paid online lesson credits.  Call our Teacher Support Team at 619-560-5693 option 3, and explain you'd like to activate TakeLessons Classroom for your student.)

3. When you have successfully activated TakeLessons Classroom for your student, you'll see a confirmation:

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all online students you'd like to teach through TakeLessons Classroom.