How do I activate TakeLessons Classroom for new students?

If you originally taught your online lessons through Skype or another video-chat platform, you can activate TakeLessons Classroom through your teacher account.

Activate TakeLessons Classroom for your future new online students

  1. To activate TakeLessons Classroom from your computer, Log in to your teacher account at, and open your Profile tab


2. Click Locations


3. Click Set Up Online


4. Select Use TakeLessons Classroom with new students


5. Click Save


This will activate TakeLessons Classroom for all of your future online students:

  1. When TakeLessons Classroom has been activated, it will be shown as your Online location.


  1. Make sure your availability is up to date for your online location.

If you’d like students to be able to find you when they search for an online teacher, you must have hours of availability at your online location. For help, see: How do I set my available teaching hours?


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