How do I register for group classes with my TakeLessons Live membership?

Welcome to TakeLessons Live!

As a TakeLessons Live member, you have unlimited access to over 300 group classes every month.  Your Student Dashboard shows you a list of classes happening each day of the month, and you can register for any class with a couple of clicks.

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Register for group classes from your Student Dashboard

  1. Log in to your TakeLessons account.
  2. Find the TakeLessons Live section to the upper right of your dashboard.


  1. To instantly register for an upcoming class, click the Register link next to the class title:20170511_TLL_Register_Class.png
  2. Clicking Register instantly adds the class to your schedule for the day.


  1. To learn more about an upcoming class in the list, click Details (see above).
  2. If you decide to register once you’ve seen the class details, choose a date and time from the drop-down box, and click Add to Calendar.20170511_Class_Details.png

To choose classes by subject, day of the week, or time of day, search with the full catalog of available group classes.

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