Lesson recording in TakeLessons Classroom

TakeLessons Classroom now supports recording in one-on-one lessons!  This is great news for:

  • Music students who want to review their performance, track their progress, or just document sweet riffs;
  • Language students who want to look back at their lessons during review sessions, or practice copying their teacher's perfect pronunciation;
  • Computer skills students who want to review the steps their teacher went through on programs like Photoshop, ProTools, or Dreamweaver;
  • Any other students who like to keep track of their improvements as they study!

Here's how recording works in TakeLessons Classroom.

1. Your lessons will NEVER be recorded without your permission.

Your teacher is the only one able to create a new recording of your lesson in TakeLessons Classroom.  However, you will never be recorded without your consent.  You'll be notified when your teacher clicks the "Record lesson" button at their end, and recording will not begin until you click "Allow."  

Here, Keenan (teacher) would like to record this American Sign Language lesson.  The student must click "Allow" in the message that pops up, if he would like the lesson to be recorded.

 2. You will ALWAYS know when you are being recorded.

After you grant permission to be recorded, the top-left corner of your screen will display a notification that you're being recorded.  This message will stay there until your teacher stops recording your lesson (or, until both of you have left TakeLessons Classroom).  Here's what it looks like when recording is in progress:


 3. You'll ALWAYS be able to access your videos from your Student Lesson Journal.

After your lesson is over, you can open your Student Lesson Journal to find all of the videos your teacher made of your lesson.  Just click "Journal" in your student account to see your lesson history.  Any recordings your teacher made will be displayed within the lesson they were recorded.  Click on any video to play it right away in your browser!