How do I record my students during their lessons in TakeLessons Classroom?

Great news; you can now record videos during your one-on-one lessons in TakeLessons Classroom!  This feature was designed for:

  • Music teachers who want their students to review their performance, track their progress, or refer to examples of their teacher playing difficult phrases
  • Language teachers who want their students to review their past sessions as part of their homework, or who want to record themselves enunciating for students to emulate between lessons;
  • Computer skills teachers who want to provide students with a way to review procedures on programs like Photoshop, ProTools, or Dreamweaver;
  • Any other teachers whose students would like to keep track of their improvements as they study!

To record your students in TakeLessons Classroom:

1. Click on the "..." icon, and select "Start recording."

Teachers are the only users able to begin recording lessons; students are not able to start recording from their end.  

2. Get student's permission to start recording

When you click "start recording," your student will be asked to grant permission to be recorded.  While you wait for their permission, you'll see this message:


Meanwhile, your student sees this message:



3. Start recording your video

As soon as your student clicks "Allow" to grant permission, your video will start recording.  As long as you're recording, you and your student will see a "Recording" notification in the top-left corner of your video feed.  


4. To stop recording your video, click "..." icon, and select "Stop recording."

As soon as you're done recording, a video will be created in your student's Lesson Journal.  Your student can access this video at any time, through their Student Lesson Journal.  You can also access the video, by opening that student's lesson journal in your roster.  

Learn more about how to access your student's Lesson Journal