How do I share files with my students in TakeLessons Classroom?

With our new File Sharing feature, you can share any kind of file with your student during your online lesson:

  • Documents, such as class notes, sheet music, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Audio, such as songs or MP3 files.
  • Video files directly from your computer.

1. During a lesson, click on the paperclip icon in the chat pane.

2. Choose any file from your computer, and click "Open." (Works for all document and media file types.)

3. When your file has finished uploading, a pop-up will appear in your student's Classroom screen. Your student only sees this pop-up after the first file you share each lesson.

4. Your student can download the file directly from their chat.

5. After your lesson, your student can re-download any file you have shared from their Lesson Journal.

6. You can access the files you shared with each student by opening that student's Lesson Journal from your Roster.


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