How can I improve my internet connection for online lessons?

The more information you're transmitting during your lesson, the faster your internet needs to be, to prevent lag or interruptions. For TakeLessons Classroom, we recommend the following speeds: 




Basic TakeLessons Classroom

3.5 Mbps

0.5 Mbps

High-resolution in-class video

4.5 Mbps

1 Mbps

Getting the most out of your connection

If you frequently experience lag or choppiness when streaming video, you may need to use an Ethernet cable or powerline adapter. These devices are designed to improve your internet connection by connecting directly to your router, eliminating the interference that can sometimes happen to wi-fi signals.

You may want to use one or both of these solutions if:

  • Other devices or services will be using your internet connection to stream videos or play games during your lessons.
  • You frequently experience lags or lapses in your connection while watching videos, or playing games on your internet connection.

Ethernet cables

An Ethernet cable plugs your laptop or computer directly into your router. This is ideal if your computer will stay mostly in one place, and you’re not too far from the router.

A fixed Ethernet connection will likely be better than a wi-fi connection. Ethernet is faster and more stable, with more consistent speeds. This is because wi-fi signals can be blocked by walls or floors, or interfered with by other devices, like cordless phones, nearby routers on the same channel, or even inclement weather.

 You can buy Ethernet cables online, or in an electronics store near you.

Powerline adapters

If your router is in a different room from the room where you’ll be taking your lessons, you may want to consider using a powerline adapter. A powerline adapter plugs into an electrical outlet in your wall, and sends data over your home’s electrical wiring to a second powerline adapter in a different location. The second powerline adapter is plugged into a wall electrical outlet close to your router, and connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. Connecting to a powerline adapter is almost like running a very long ethernet cable through your home, directly into your router.

You may prefer a powerline adapter if...

  • Your router is too far away to run an Ethernet cable between the router and your computer.
  • Your router in a different room than the computer where you’re teaching or taking lessons.
  • You prefer to move around during your lessons, and don't want to plug in an Ethernet cable.

If you choose to use a powerline adapter to enhance your internet connection, you’ll also enjoy improved video and HD streaming quality for other media services, like Netflix. Just make sure to use an AV powerline adapter rated faster than 300 Mb/s (megabytes per second), so it will be able to handle high-definition video and music.

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Test your internet before your lesson

You can always test your internet speed at the TakeLessons Classroom system test page.