When students are ready to book lessons

You’ve promptly answered your potential student’s questions, and they’re impressed! Now it’s time to add them to your roster. The following policies apply to all new students you book through TakeLessons, including those who reached out through Ask-A-Question.

New students must purchase a package of lessons to start

Students signing up for Music, Performing Arts, or Language lessons must purchase at least five lessons to start. (Learn More) This helps ensure that each new student you add to your roster is truly interested in taking lessons, and isn’t taking advantage of “free” or “trial” lessons from you and several other teachers.

If your potential student seems hesitant to sign up for a package of lessons, remember that TakeLessons offers a Satisfaction Guarantee. If any student is unhappy with their experience, they can:

  • Transfer any unused lesson credits to another instructor
  • Get a refund for any remaining lessons.

Remember: Once your student has purchased their initial package of lessons, you two can use those lesson credits at whatever pace you choose.

Don’t offer free or trial lesson

We feel your time is valuable, and that you should be paid accordingly. TakeLessons requires all students to purchase lessons through the site before they can exchange contact information, or arrange to meet teachers they found on the site. This policy helps prevent potential students from taking advantage of offers for “free” lessons, and helps keep the platform safe for students and teachers.

Direct students to book on your TakeLessons profile

If a student who is messaging you seems ready to get started, feel free to encourage them to book by sending them a link to your public profile or directing them to click on the blue button below your message.

Don’t encourage students to purchase through another platform or pay in cash. Our marketing team works hard to bring students to your profile. It’s important that students who find you through TakeLessons book their lessons on the TakeLessons site.

Partners who break the rules will be removed from TakeLessons.com

For security purposes, TakeLessons monitors messages sent through Ask-A-Question. If one of your replies is flagged for review due to a policy violation, your profile will be removed from our search results until we are able to clear up the confusion. Instructors who attempt to contact, meet or book TakeLessons students outside the website will be banned from the platform.

Though we do our best to help students understand the policies TakeLessons observes to help all students and teachers stay safe on the platform, we know that potential students may become so excited to meet you that they ask to contact or meet you before they buy lessons. For help writing friendly replies to these requests, check out the example responses to potential students.