How do I create my first class?

Need help creating your class? Let us help!

Live Studio classes give you the ability to work with real-time students in an online group setting using TakeLessons Classroom. Students can communicate using audio and video, see visual aids while you share screen, and review notes and files posted in chat after class. Students can also raise their hand if they have questions and be highlighted in front of the class.

Steps to teaching a group class with Live Studio:

  1. Choose an interactive topic - See tips and examples below!
  2. Submit your class topic to TakeLessons.
  3. Once approved, schedule your class at a time that fits your schedule.
  4. Review our training materials for TakeLessons Classroom.
  5. Watch your earnings grow!

Keep these tips in mind while brainstorming class topics:

  • Keep it interactive

What sets us apart from other platforms is interaction. Ask yourself if the topic would be more suitable for a recorded video. 

  • Attract the largest audience possible

Our student body includes all ages and levels of experience. Consider classes where a variety of students will attend. Although classes can be tailored for a specific group, all students should feel welcome. 

  • Reflect your personal style 

If we all followed the same teaching methodology, Live Studio would have no purpose! This is content created by YOU alone, and your unique specialties will resonate with certain students. Let your personal teaching style and attributes shine through the classes you create. 

  • Seasonal classes 

Schedule classes that might only be relevant for a specific time of the year, or once in a lifetime. Here are a few examples: The Olympics, cultural holidays, the 80th anniversary of your favorite musical, voice acting Star Wars characters.

  • Performance focused 

Students love to practice their skills in front of others. You could apply a certain genre or theme to your performance classes, or not!

  • Cultural classes

Classes focused on the cultural nuances of a particular subject or subcategory give students the opportunity to ask questions they normally would not feel comfortable sharing.

Need help formatting your class title and description? Click here.

Examples of popular class events:

Subject: English (ESL)

Class Title: Article Reading and Discussion

Description: Practice your English language skills with real-world media and pop culture exercises! This interactive English class will challenge you to read and discuss blogs and news articles in the English language. Media practice is a proven way to increase your vocabulary while learning about American culture. Students can expect to engage in rewarding conversations while learning unexpected new vocabulary words.

Subject: Singing

Class Title: Vocal Improvisation: How to Scat Like a Pro

Description: Explore the fun and inspiring world of vocal improvisation, and learn how to create your own unique scat sounds with fresh techniques. Students can expect to learn about the history and culture of vocal improvisation, and how to scat to tell a specific story that matches the emotion and tone of the song. Students will practice scat syllables, and will select notes and phrases for a truly original vocal improvisation.