What are recommended topics for Live classes?

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Keep these tips in mind while brainstorming class topics:

  • Consider topics that could interest a large audience

Our student body includes all ages and levels of experience. Consider classes where any age group can enjoy and content that is easy for new students to follow.

  • Create topics that have not been scheduled

Our class topics are typically tailored for beginners and leave room for teachers to personalize the content on a class-by-class basis. Check out our current class list and see what we are missing! 

  • Make content that reflects your personal style 

If we all followed the same teaching methodology, Studio would have no purpose! This is content created by YOU alone, and your unique specialties will resonate with certain students. Let your personal teaching style and attributes shine through the classes you create. 

Tips for writing strong class descriptions:

  • The tone should be casual and fun. Educate students on the subject, but write it as if you were explaining it in person. 
  • Use colorful vocabulary. Tell the student about possible class activities, where they can take this knowledge, and how the classroom setting is the ultimate way to practice.
  • Keep it short and simple. We recommend descriptions to be between 3-5 sentences. The chances of students reading to the end of a lengthy description are low.  

Examples of  popular class events:

Subject: English (ESL)

Class Title: Article Reading and Discussion

Description: Practice your English language skills with real world media and pop culture exercises! This interactive English class will challenge you to read and discuss blogs and news articles in the English language. Media practice is a proven way to increase your vocabulary while learning about American culture. Students can expect to engage in rewarding conversations while learning unexpected new vocabulary words.

Subject: Singing

Class Title: Vocal Improvisation: How to Scat Like a Pro

Description: Explore the fun and inspiring world of vocal improvisation, and learn how to create your own unique scat sounds with fresh techniques. A live teacher will guide the class in real time to explain Jazz standards and showcase meaningful improvisation solos. Students can expect to learn about the history and culture of vocal improvisation, and how to scat to tell a specific story that matches the emotion and tone of the song. Students will practice scat syllables, and will select notes and phrases for a truly original vocal improvisation.