What are recommended topics for videos?

Keep these tips in mind while brainstorming class topics

  • Consider topics that could interest a large audience

Our student body includes all ages and levels of experience. Consider videos where any age group can enjoy, then ask more thoughtful questions during class.

  • Create videos that have not been done before

Our videos are created to support our beginner-level learning paths. If you have already created your own classes, try pairing it with a video to prepare students before attending.

  • Keep it interactive. 

Students love to practice while they learn. Be sure to include exercises or homework, and try to avoid lecturing from beginning to end.

Tips while recording

  • Content should be well-planned in advance, but not scripted
  • Each video should be 3:00 to 10:00 minutes in length
  • Content should match the title/description of the video you’re creating