How do I create a class?

Teach online group classes, and get paid for every class with attendance. The more students who attend, the more you get paid.

Steps to teaching a group class with Live Studio:

  1. Choose an interactive topic.
  2. Submit your class topic using our formatting guidelines.
  3. Once approved, schedule your class at a time that fits your schedule.
  4. Review our training materials for TakeLessons Classroom.
  5. Watch your earnings grow!

How to submit a class for approval:

  1. Head to the Content section of Live Studio and click the green Create a Class button near the upper-left.


  2. Enter all the details of your class topic. Be sure to check your work for missing capitalizations and grammatical errors and follow our formatting guidelines. There are no optional fields.


  3. Click Submit for Review.
  4. Your class submission is reviewed by TakeLessons before you can schedule events. If for any reason your content is rejected, we will provide a comment with instructions to approve before resubmitting.


Video Tutorial