Recording Your Recap Video

Recording a recap video is the final step to finishing a group class!

After class ends, you required to record a short, 1-2 minute recap video.

The importance of recording a recap video:

As of May 2021, registered students for a class will count towards your earnings if you record a recap video. Recap videos are sent via email to each student who registered or attended the class, and these emails are our biggest driver to reactivation. They also appear in the student journal as a resource to practice what they learned or class or see what they missed.

Your recap video should:

  1. Thank students for coming to class, even if no one attended.
  2. Cover 3 takeaways from today’s class.
  3. Remind them to sign up for your upcoming class and what they might learn if they attend.
  4. Thank them again for coming, and let them know that you look forward to seeing them again.

While recording, avoid mentioning that no students attended.


If you do not like your first take, you can Record Again as many times as necessary. 


Once your recording is finished, Save and Exit will direct you to your Dashboard.

Here are examples of perfect recap videos:

Subject: Singing

Class Title: Daily Singing Workout

Subject: ESL

Class Title: Learn English Idioms & Cultural Expressions

Subject: Acting

Class Title: Monologue Practice for All Levels