How do I schedule a class?

Your class is approved! Now it's time to schedule a class.

We encourage scheduling classes at least 3 days in advance to give students time to add the event to their calendar. Classes can be scheduled at any time where you do not have an event (group class or private lesson) already scheduled. 

Pro Tip: Always have at least 3 classes scheduled in advance so you can tell students in your upcoming class where to find you next!

Be aware that 3+ cancellations in 1 month may result in suspension or removal from Live Studio, so double-check your schedule before adding events.

1. Head to the Calendar section of Live Studio, then click Add Event near the top-right of the screen.schedule_a_class__1_.jpg

2. Select the class you wish to schedule and the date and time of your event. Be sure to double-check your selected class, date, and time before clicking Schedule Class. Your class cannot be rescheduled once submitted. Untitled_drawing__5_.jpg

3. We encourage you to set a reminder for the event in your personal calendar and invite your students to attend. 

Classes cannot be scheduled when:

  •  You have a lesson or class already scheduled at that date and time.
  • Another teacher is scheduled to teach the selected event.