How much can I earn with Live Studio?

There are multiple factors that play a part in your earnings with Live Studio.

You are paid on a monthly basis for your earnings with Live Studio. Here are the factors:

  • Minutes spent teaching with students
  • Video views
  • Unique students encountered

Since your earnings depend on how many students attend your classes and how many views your videos receive, your monthly payout may fluctuate or differ from other instructors. Similar to site searches, the exact algorithm will not be shared, but it favors teachers who spend the most time on the product and schedule the most classes.

We do not have exact insights per subject since the product is so new and growing, but we'd love for you to join us on this journey. Already, teachers are bringing in hundreds of extra dollars per month and making over $60 per live class. We are just getting started.

If a student attends your class, you are paid. If a student watches your video every day, you are paid each time a student watches that video.

The only time you are NOT paid is when 0 students registered or attended your class or your video receives 0 views. Starting May 2021, registered students for a class will count towards your earnings if you record a recap video. The recap video will be shared with registered students as a way to encourage them to book (and attend) another class with you. The recap video tool is available after you hit end class on your session. 

Watch an interview with our ASL instructor, Victoria, to see what she has earned with Live Studio: