What happens if no students attend my class?

Did your class receive 0 attendance today? Don't give up!

You may experience a class with 0 attendance from time to time, but there are still positives to scheduling the event, and you may still receive a payment if a recap video is recorded. Here are tips to improve attendance based on your class circumstance.

High registration, no attendance

If students registered for your class in advance, this tells you your class topic appealed to a certain audience! On average, about 25% of people who register for a class actually attend.

Your recap video recorded at the end of class will be emailed to all registered students, so be sure to mention when the same class will be scheduled again, and you hope to see them there.

As of May 2021, registered students for a class will count towards your earnings if you record a recap video. The recap video will be shared with registered students as a way to encourage them to book (and attend) another class with you.

For more information about recording a recap video, click here.

Low registration, no attendance

There are a number of factors that may lead to low registration and attendance. To avoid this happening in the future, there are a few things to consider while scheduling classes:

  • Always schedule in advance. The more time you allow students to register for your class, the more likely they will attend. 
  • The day and time your class is scheduled may not work with students. Is it during normal business hours? Or too late in the evening for students on the East Coast? Try other times during the week to see if registration improves.

If you continue to receive low attendance, you may consider:

Change the class topic. Ask yourself if this topic would appeal to a large audience, or if it may already be offered by other instructors. You may need to make tweaks to your class topic itself.

For more information about successful class topics, click here.

Improve the class title and thumbnail. Your title and thumbnail should quickly capture the student's attention and tell what the class is about. If the student did not read the description, they should still know the key takeaway from attending class.

Visit other support articles for more information about writing a great class title and choosing a quality thumbnail.

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