Boost your video views by choosing a great thumbnail and title

Your thumbnail must catch a student's eye, and your title should quickly tell the student what they will learn. Here are some helpful tips!

What will grab a student's attention?

The common practice for thumbnails is a screenshot of your video overlaid with text and animation. This gives your student a glimpse of your studio and what the video will look like, and catch the student's eye. 

Your title should quickly explain the topic you are covering, and what the student might learn after watching your video. We recommend drafting multiple title options for one video, then decide which one makes the cut. That way, you are choosing the strongest topic possible. 

Below is a screen recording of the video library in student accounts today.

While watching, ask yourself which videos look interesting to you, then identify what you first noticed about them. Next, watch the video a second time and identify what videos you completely missed or glanced over. These notes are great to keep in mind while creating your own content. 

For more information about writing your class title, click here.